fall leaves

Cooling weather. Falling leaves. Bored kids? Read on for some fun and free fall activities for preschoolers and toddlers to keep your kids entertained.

Parents realize that as the Autumn season is upon us and the weather begins turning frigid, in many regions of the U.S. its time to come up with alternative activities for kids, aside from the normal outdoor selections.

While some Fall activities for kids can be weather permitting, our ideas below are all indoor and offer moms a chance to have a blast afternoon with their kids while not overspending in the process.

Fun Fall Activities for Preschoolers and Toddlers

1) Bumper Bowling

Check with a local bowling alley and many will inform you of a half off day or $1/game special, usually during the afternoon hours midweek. Most bowling alleys are slow during the day and need customers, offering specials to take advantage of. Try to get them to include shoe rental as part of the deal as most will do so. Even toddlers and preschoolers can participate in Duckpin or Bumper Bowling and have a lot of fun.

2) Day at the Library

How quickly parents lose track of how much of a good time kids can have at the public library. Most libraries have library storytimes and toddler activities on a weekly basis in the Fall. Even if storytimes are not currently running, toddlers love libraries. Usually loaded with comfy beanbag chairs and puzzles for the youngsters, these types of preschoolers activities usually are a winner and best of all free.

3) Kids Movie Days

Unbeknownst to many moms, many local movie theaters have a day of the week where they offer cheap movies for moms with toddlers and young children only. Usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday during afternoon hours, theaters offer child oriented movie offerings that allow kids to be kids. No worries about being too loud or sitting still. If your child truly wants to watch the movie, this may not be the right thing for you! Usually a nice reprieve for moms but bring your own snacks as they’ll get you on the full priced popcorn and drinks.

4) Attend a Local Hockey Game

If there’s a local ice rink in your region, more than likely there are hockey games going on throughout the Fall season. If your child enjoys sports or just watching other little ones, they’ll love watching other kids playing hockey. Whether its a high school game or just a scrimmage or kids league, its usually free or low in cost. These arenas are usually loud and echo filled so kids’ noise is easily drowned out. Don’t fret about paying too much for a drink or $10 for nachos in these establishments either.

5) Crafts Classes

Call up a local arts and crafts store and see if they have any upcoming events or ‘how to’ classes directed towards kids. Normally these sessions are meant to drum up future business and draw in parents to purchase supplies and thus are free or minimal cost. Sometimes you will need to purchase the supplies used during the course so make sure to choose wisely but it usually ends up in an enjoyable crafts for kids adventure.

Enjoy your Autumn Season!

We hope these fall activities for kids inspire you to do something a little different this Autumn. For more ideas, check out our other posts with activities for spirited kids!