For 3 years-old, my son has become quite the literary critic. He spends quite a bit of time, thoughtfully choosing the picture books he wants before bed. Some of the books inevitably get chosen time and time again…and again…and again…

Obviously, there are countless amazing picture books out there, but these are some of his absolute favorites. Check out our list of (what we consider to be) the best picture books for 3 year-old boys.

Gulliver Snip
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The very first time I read this book, I absolutely fell in love with it. It has everything, and I mean everything, that I look for in a great children’s book. The story is imaginative and reads like a poem without being too rhymey. The pictures are beautifully done and the idea is wonderfully unique. When my preschooler asked to read it again a few hours later, I had no complaints. I love this book!

Mungo and the Spiders from Space
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Little man is all about rockets right now, so this book is just perfect. It is about a little boy reads a book and gets to join in a space adventure. The pictures are interesting, the storyline is cute, and it is fun to read. (Thanks for adding this to the library, “Glandpa”.)

How do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?
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This book is absolutely perfect for a 3 year-old boy. First, it is about dinosaurs. But, what I love is how I can make references to it during bed time. “Hey…”, I say when my son whines about going to bed. “Do dinosaurs do that at bedtime?” Of course they don’t. This book makes bedtime a lot nicer. πŸ™‚

Hare and Tortoise Race to the Moon
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I actually found this book when I was pregnant. I was looking for books with high contrast images because I read that babies found them more interesting. Well, my son wasn’t really interested in it as a baby. No surprise. But, now as a 2 year old, this is one of his favorite books. This is one we have to hide or else we would have to read it every night.

Please, Puppy, Please
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I found Please, Baby, Please at a thrift store and immediately went on a hunt for more books by this incredible author/illustrator team. Both books are easy to read, great for practicing sight words, and the pictures are mesmerizing.

The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog!
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I adore Mo Willems…He has a knack for writing easy-to-read books that are fun for both kids and adults. Edison is so engaged when we read this book, and that is half the battle with spirited kids.

Chicka Chicka 123
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Known in our home as “Chicka Chicka Number Boom Boom”, this one instantly held a number 1 ranking for our 3 year-old. It is a sequel to Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (obviously). Although it focuses on the numbers 0-20, the numbers 0-100 are listed in the back. Every time we read it, my son insists on counting each number. This wouldn’t be too bad, but if he messes up, he starts again. Ugh. But, he is learning to count to 100, so it is totally worth it.

Making the Moose Out of Life
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This book makes me happy, and Edison can tell. I love the art, and I love the message. It is about a moose who goes off on an adventure and finds there is a lot more to life than he thought. My husband and I just love the message, and it is such a good thing for kids to learn when they are young. (Actually, we love a number of books by this author…see more.)

Blue Hat, Green Hat
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Blue Hat, Green Hat has a special place in my heart because it was the very first book that my son read cover to cover. It is so much fun to read all because the “oops” make my son laugh every time. (If you read the book or look at the Amazon preview, you will know what I mean. πŸ™‚ )

Shark VS Train
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When my husband brought this home from a book fair, I rolled my eyes. Could a book be more boy? But, when it was my turn to read it, I changed my tune. It goes through different types of challenges and whether a train or a shark would win. Silly, but it sparks some great conversations. I wouldn’t say it is my favorite book, but it is certainly one of my preschooler’s top picks.

Little Pirate: What’s in the Egg?
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I finally had to hide this book for a little while because my son picked it so often. Don’t get me wrong, I totally get why my 3 year-old loves this book. It has flaps and dials surprises and all the things that boys his age love. And it’s educational…I think I just talked myself into bringing it out of hiding.

In case it isn’t obvious, I love picture books as much as my son. I put a lot of time into looking for books for him, and I can get a little picky. Check out my post on how I choose the best picture books for my son.


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