My Preschooler’s Favorite Early Reader Books

The problem with preschool early reader books is that, if you already know how to read, they can be mind-numbingly boring. However, for a preschooler who is just being introduced to the wonderful world of reading, these books are fantastic for teaching sight words and building reading confidence.

You might know them as Level 1 Reading Books, Step into Reading Books, or Early Readers, but the principle is the same. They are very simple books with short sentences on each page. Basically, they are the modern version of Dick and Jane stories.

Below are some of my preschool boy’s favorite early reader books.

Dancing Dinos Go to School
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Normally, we each pick a book for reading time, and this one is often my choice. This one is actually fun for me to read as well. It has a fun rhythm and a cute story line. Plus, there are lots of fun things to talk about in the pictures. As far as preschool early readers go, I totally give this one a thumbs up.

Secret Agent Mater
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I am embarrassed to admit how many times my son has seen Cars 2. Having a dad who is a Petrol Head doesn’t help. At any rate, he absolutely loves this book and picks it far too often for reading time. His favorite words to read out loud are “bad cars” and “spy”. Not exactly site words we see every day, but it’s a start.

Bear Hugs
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The fact that my rambunctious spirited boy loves this book makes my heart tingle. I will totally bring this out and show it to his girlfriend (way, way in the future). He has basically memorized the book and that has gone a long way towards building his confidence.