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Jewelry Making for Kids: 10 Cute DIY Ideas

Do you have a little fashionista at home? Your nights may be filled with endless games of dress up and runway shows. And she probably has a plastic jewelry box full to the brim with fun costume jewelry to match every outfit.

But what if you could take her love of fashion and combine it with another hands-on creative game? Jewelry making for kids is a great way to keep them occupied in a new and exciting activity. Plus, they’ll be even more excited to hit that living room runway to show off their amazing jewelry.

This might sound messy and expensive, but there are tons of affordable jewelry crafts. While some may require a trip to the craft store, others can be done with objects currently laying around your home.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to discover the top 10 cutest jewelry making for kids DIY ideas.

10 Great DIY Jewelry Making Ideas

1. T-Shirt Bracelets

Kids grow up so fast, don’t they? It seems as soon as you buy them new clothes, they’ve already outgrown them.

You can take advantage of this by using one of those outgrown shirts to make a bracelet! All you have to do is cut three long strips out of the shirt and knot them on one end. Then, have your child braid the strips and tie it around her wrist!

This can also make a great DIY personal lanyard cord!

2. Painted Pendants

If you have any wooden pendants laying around, you can let your child showcase their creativity by painting them! The best part is that the possibilities are endless.

Bigger pendants may go great on necklaces or rings, while smaller pendants can be made into earrings or bracelets. You can even glue them on headbands or hairclips!

Your kids will have the perfect indoor fun activity to get them through rainy days, as they can make dozens of painted pendants and jewelry crafts.

3. Toilet Paper Roll Bracelet

Don’t throw that empty toilet paper roll away just yet. Instead, help your little one turn it into a fabulous cuff shaped bracelet!

All you have to do for this DIY toilet paper roll bracelet is cut a toilet paper roll in have so it’s a good width. Many are made by wrapping yarn around the roll. But paint, glitter, markers, and stickers can all be used too!

4. Headband Tiara

If your daughter is always playing the princess game, this is one of the best jewelry crafts ideas for her.

Cut a 2D tiara shape out of cardboard and let her go wild with the paint, glitter, and plastic gemstones! Then fold the very bottom and glue it onto a thicker headband.

5. Pipe Cleaner Tiara

Do you love the idea of DIY tiara jewelry crafts, but don’t love the idea of sacrificing a good headband?

A fun alternative is to use pipe cleaners! They can create the entire tiara by twisting different color pipe cleaners around. Beads can be a great way to add that extra wow-factor without all the mess of glitter.

6. Gemstone Rings

Noting goes with a fabulous tiara better than a gorgeous gemstone ring.

You’ll likely need to hit the craft store for Sieve rings. These work great because they have a flat, plain surface that you can glue all sorts of things to.

While you’re there, pick up some fun colored plastic gemstones (if you don’t have some already) so your kids can make rings to match every tiara.

7. Button Rings

Buttons can be used for so many jewelry crafts ideas, including being glued on tiaras and bracelets.

But they can also be used to make beautiful rings. While you only need one button to glue on a Sieve ring, your kids might like having a few different sizes, shapes, and colors to work with. That way they can layer the buttons and really have fun with it.

8. Clay Beads

Beads are an important part of many jewelry crafts. While the craft store is jam-packed with different types of beads, all you need is a little oven bake clay.

Your child can spend the day making beads of all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Once they’re done with a bead, just use a toothpick to make a hole and pop them in the oven.

But who says fun beads are only for kids? A mala bracelet is the perfect adult jewelry option that combines fun materials with a stunning final product.

9. Frozen Necklace

Are your kids wild for Frozen? If they never want to take their Elsa dress off, then they might want to make some Frozen inspired jewelry crafts.

All you need are some clear (or white) and light blue beads. While any shape works, gemstone beads tend to look the best. Snowflake charms or beads also make a great addition! String the beads alternating between clear and light blue for the perfect necklace to match that Elsa dress!

10. Glittery Pasta Necklace

Do you have fond memories of using pasta noodles to make necklaces? Well, jewelry making for kids hasn’t changed much. Noodles still offer an inexpensive and convenient material for all types of jewelry.

If you want to take this up a notch, let your kids paint or put glitter on the pasta noodles. It’ll transform them from pasta noodles to colorful DIY beads!

The Best Jewelry Making Ideas for Kids Ideas

Jewelry crafts are a great way to get your kids interesting in an afternoon craft session on rainy or lazy days. Once they’ve finished their beautiful jewelry, they can put on a whole fashion show right in the living room!

While there are endless jewelry making for kids ideas, some of the best include making gemstone rings, clay beads, and glittery pasta necklaces.

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