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Diary of a Spirited Child Mom: Story Time with a Preschooler

One of the many articles I have read about getting a preschooler to go to sleep said that sometimes you just have to let them talk for awhile before they go to bed. It helps them process their day and get it all out of their systems before they sleep. So, now Edison tells a story before bed.

These are not Pulitzer Prize winning stories. They are generally just long ramblings about sharks or trains or whatever. Half the time, you can’t even understand what he is saying because he is so into it. Sometimes he makes himself laugh which makes me laugh and that just encourages him more.

So, last night, he is telling me a story. It had something to do with a train that turned into a rocket, but it also involved unrelated things like cake.

Suddenly he stopped and said, “Oh wait! I can’t remember what that word is called. It’s like ‘L…A…Q…'” (It always cracks me up when he tries to spell things with random letters.)

Then, he threw his little arms up in the air and said, “I don’t know. I’m gonna have to look it up in the morning on Daddy’s iPad.”

Made me smile. 🙂