5 Tips to Make You an Origami Master

The art of origami has been around for centuries.

The site Wonderopolis credits origami invention back to 17th century Japan.

You can make origami, which literally translates to “folded paper” out of any paper that will fold.

Origami can be made from basic printer paper to money to specialized origami paper.

There are an endless number of creations an origami master can create. The only limits are the limits of your imagination.

If you want to become an origami master, these 5 tips will help you get there.

5 Top Tips to Become an Origami Master

1. Choosing the right paper

There are so many options out there for origami paper. Start with something basic and easy to fold so that you don’t get frustrated.

Traditional origami paper is square, so if you are starting with printer paper or something you find at home already, cut it into a perfect square first.

Pick patterns and colors that bring you joy.

Keep in mind that patterned papers can hide mistakes more easily than solid colored paper so they are a good choice for beginners.

2. Be patient

Origami is meant to be enjoyable and meditative. Take your time in creating your origami and pay attention to detail.

Of course, don’t get upset if you mess up! Be patient with yourself as you are learning.

You can’t expect to become a master of anything without practicing it over and over again.

If you’re just beginning, start with a basic shape to get used to the folds and understand how a square piece of paper can turn into this miniature sculpture.

3. Use folding tools

You don’t have to purchase anything fancy to create sharp creases in your origami paper.

You can use a ruler, credit card, or anything else with a well-structured edge as a folding tool. Avoid items that are sharp, though!

Don’t forget, it is also a good idea to test a small part of your folding tool to make sure it doesn’t damage your paper.

If you are doing a lot of origami, such as folding 1000 cranes, your fingers will quickly get sore and a folding tool can make a big difference.

Sharp creases will help you origami keep its shape as well.

4. Follow instructions

The best way to become an origami master is to follow instructions precisely. Once you learn some of the common crease patterns, you will start to be able to make your own creations or memorize your favorites.

You can watch instructional videos, find folding guides online, get origami books, and more!

5. Enjoy it!

Origami is such a long-standing form of art because of its accessibility, beauty, and calming properties.

There is something about creating a piece of art that brings us satisfaction: it’s a tiny accomplishment that can spread joy.

Enjoy the creations you make and enjoy the process of making them.

That’s It!

With enough patience and practice, anyone can become an origami master.

Fold origami you enjoy, and have fun sharing your work with family and friends!