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7 Best Food Games Your Kids Should Probably Try

Feed your kids’ hunger for fun with these 7 food games! From candy checkers to pasta relays, get your little chefs cooking. Let the games begin!

“Don’t play with your food.” How often do you say those words to your kids?

You might change your mind when you see how much fun kids can have while playing with food. In fact, recent studies suggest that when children are allowed to toy with unfamiliar food, they’re more willing to eat healthy.

Here’s the skinny on 7 of the best food games to play with your kids.

1. Food Jenga

How much fun is the classic game Jenga?

If you and your kids enjoy stacking tall block towers, you should make Food Jenga part of family night.

Use a variety of cookies and crackers to build your towers. Break them into halves if necessary, then attempt to remove pieces from the middle while keeping the tower intact. Don’t worry about winning or losing; everyone’s a winner with Food Jenga when you have a feast with the game pieces.

2. Guess The Food

Does your family love mysteries?

Turn your kids into avid foodies by exposing them to a plethora of tastes. Use healthy fruits and veggies in a guessing game.

  • Choose up to 10 fruits and veggies to play with.
  • Cut each one up into bite-size chunks.
  • Have each participant close their eyes or wear a blindfold.
  • Pass each player a small plate containing one fruit or veggie chunk.
  • The first to guess what it is wins the round.

This game will encourage children to try new foods they might not otherwise touch.

3. Edible Play-Dough

Do you scold your preschoolers about eating play-dough?

Now you don’t have to worry about it: Solve the problem by making edible play-dough instead. This is one of the best food games in terms of variety from start to finish.

First, let the kids help you prep the play-dough. Follow this recipe, which yields a flavorful, colorful batch. Then, enjoy some free play, or have fun with a sculpting contest.

4. Food Necklace

Are your kids crafty?

If so, they’ll love making edible necklaces. Use Cheerios or Fruit Loops to create simple, colorful jewelry.

You can opt for an edible string (licorice, for instance) or a regular necklace thread. For smaller kids, use a thicker, more manageable kind of string such as a shoelace.

5. Food Face Contest

Is your family feeling competitive? Paint faces on waffles, pancakes, or other flat pastries. Use whipped cream, fruits and jams to create your messy masterpieces.

If you have a savory tooth instead, use potato pancakes or bread with various condiments to make your silly faces.

6. Pasta Relay

How do you stay sane on a rainy day with the kids at home?

You plan one of the best food games to burn off that pent-up energy. Enjoy a pasta relay.

  • Boil, drain and cool a pot of pasta.
  • Set it on one end of a long counter.
  • On the opposite end of the counter, set up an empty pot.
  • Let the kids line up in front of the counter.
  • Have them scoop the pasta from one pot to the other as quickly as possible.

This slimy game evokes whoops of laughter and helps to build team skills. It also helps the development of good hand-eye coordination.

7. Candy Checkers

What beats playing a board game?

Playing a board game with edible pieces. This concept works best with checkers or Tic-tac-toe, both of which involve skipping over pieces.

  • Wrap a checkerboard with foil.
  • Place two kinds of candy on the board.
  • Each time a player’s edible piece is eliminated, the winner gets to eat the candy.

The real winner will likely be the one who gets to eat more of the candy in this fun spin on checkers.

Do You Know Any Best Food Games?

There are at least as many creative ways to play with food as there are cuisines. The possibilities are endless. The best food games bring joy to the whole family and create many lasting memories.

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