Toddler Color Scavenger Hunt (Free Activity Download)

Free Download - Color Scavenger Hunt Cards
Free Download - Color Scavenger Hunt Cards

Help your toddler practice their colors with a color scavenger hunt.

How to do this Toddler Activity…

  1. Print out the free color scavenger hunt cards on to heavy paper.
  2. Cut out the cards.
  3. Make sure that there is something in the child’s environment for each color. If, for example, you do not see something purple, either find something and place it in the room or remove the card.
  4. Explain the activity to your toddler. “Are you ready for a color scavenger hunt? I am going to show you a card with a color. Let’s see if we can find something in this room that is that color!”
  5. Show your toddler a card and say the color as they look around the room. “Can you find something that is blue? I see something in that corner that is blue.”