It is not that difficult to find a toy for your 1 year old since there are a lot of toys in the market. In buying toys for your child, always remember that kids at their age have short attention time thus, it is best to buy toys which are brightly colored and makes sounds to make them play with it again. Also choose toys that can help your child develop their physical, mental and emotional skills. This article will give you ideas on what toys are good for your 1-year old.

One of the great toys for children one year of age are push toys. Most of these toys have long handles and has balls or wheels at the tip which rolls when it is pushed. Push toys are made for one year olds and are safe to play with. Push toys also help the child learn how to walk and their motor skills are also developed when they run and walk with it.

Baby dolls oftentimes have round tummy, soft hair, belly button, toes, eyes and noticeable facial features which make them perfect for little girls. Baby dolls also serve a great companion for your baby girl and she will love holding her doll for security. Baby dolls also help your little girl develop her nurturing feelings.

Beach play set is a toy for young boys. The set includes watering can, bucket, sand sifter and shovel which your boy can use when playing outdoors. The set is perfect for your child’s active lifestyle and will keep them occupied and having fun for a long span of time. Your son can use it in the garden, in his sand box or when you are spending some time in the park.

Bilibos are another kind of toy that is safe for one year old kids. Bilbos are made of shock proof material which allows it to be played in any way possible. Bilibo has unique shape and lets your child have an open-ended play. Your baby can sit on it, balance on it or spin it. Since this toy can be played in any way, your child’s mental capacity is developed.

Hopefully this article was able to give you tips on what to buy for your growing baby. For other toy ideas that would be great for your child, you can look for some information over the internet.

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