Help your Toddler Experiment with Colors in the Bath

When my boy got too big for the kitchen sink, my husband installed a bigger sink. This is because it is so easy to get other things done if he bathes in the kitchen. Our routine is to cook dinner while he takes a bath in the sink. I read recently that some spirited toddlers actually get wired up if they bathe too close to bedtime. So, now we do it before dinner.

Tonight, I added food coloring to several glasses. I put the glasses of colored water on a cookie sheet with an eye dropper, liquid syringe, spoons, etc. Having everything on a cookie sheet kept the mess down to nothing. I put the tray next to the sink so I could bathe him while he played.

At first, the eyedropper was his favorite. But, once he discovered the liquid syringe, it was all over. I had also cut up scraps of white rags so that he could do a little tie-dye thing, but he wasn’t into it.

As he played, we talked about the colors and what happened when you mixed colors together. Towards the end, he was explaining what he was doing out loud. “Some blue…Some red…”

Food coloring…$.99
Eye dropper…Free
A toddler happily learning his colors in the bath…Priceless

Talk about cheap toddler educational toys