rainy day

Fun, Summer Activities for Rainy Days

Although it may be summer, that doesn’t always mean that the weather is nice enough to spend time outside! Here are a heap of fun family and kids activity ideas, including some indoor and craft ideas for any rainy days, when the kids are cooped up and don’t know what to do with themselves. Some fun summer activities for kids on any holiday include:

Brave The Outdoors

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can’t go outside! Kids absolutely love playing around in the mud and rain, so you could let them this once as long as they have appropriate clothing. When you get back home, you’ll feel warm and cozy again with some soup or a nice hot chocolate.

Family Games

Many families don’t get to spend as much time together as they’d like, so use the bad weather as an excuse to spend some quality time playing board games together. These games are social, fun and educational and are a great way to spend time with your kids. Use this as a chance to teach your child something new!

Foam Visors

This is one of the summer crafts for preschoolers that’s both fun and practical! By helping your little ones create their own personalized visor, you’ll also have useful protection from the sun when they’re outside. To create the decorated foam visors, you’ll need to start with plain colored craft foam visors. Then you’ll need to buy some accessories depending on the design you want to use. You could turn your visor into a bunny head, in which case you’ll need extra foam for the ears, and pipe cleaners for the whiskers, or you could change it into a cat, a dog, a bumblebee, a flower, the sun and so on. You’ll also need some scissors, glue, googly eyes and maybe some pom poms for the fur.

Beach Games

The beach is the perfect place for hosting the kinds of sports tournaments mentioned above, though you can also use it as a venue for many other summer games for kids. You could have a contest to see who builds the best sandcastle, or who can dig the biggest hole. Or you could have relay races where each child needs to carry as much water to fill a bucket away from the shore using just their hands.

4th Of July Crafts

Why not set a theme around the 4th of July? You could help your little ones to create a simple American flag using red, white and blue card cut out in the appropriate shapes. Or you can help your kids make their own Uncle Sam hats using painted foam cups. These make great table decorations!

Help Them Start New Hobbies

As your children get older, they might not have as much interest in the more childish activities they used to enjoy. You could instead help your child to come up with a long-term project to complete over the summer or start a new Hobby. Perhaps they want to build something from scratch with wood or try their hand at making jewelry. Or, maybe they want to work towards a collection of photographs that they’ve taken themselves.

Fun summer activities for kids are still possible even when it’s raining outside! You just need to have a think and make sure you make suggestions before they start getting frustrated at being stuck indoors.