Toddler Activities: Try Leaf Rubbings

Leaf rubbings can be a great way to nurture your toddler’s interest in nature while helping them practice their fine motor skills.

What you Need for this Toddler Activity…
* A selection of different leaves
* Typing paper
* Crayons

How you Do It…

  1. Take a walk with your toddler and help them find interesting leaves.
  2. Place a leaf face down on a table and cover with a piece of paper.
  3. Peel the wrapper off of a crayon and rub the side of the crayon over the entire leaf.
  4. Viola! You have a leaf rubbing!

Taking it Further…
* Place a number of leaves under a single piece of paper and make an instant collage.
* Staple leaf rubbings together to make a book.