Learn How to Play Jethro Tull Bouree

This week (or however long it takes), we are going to learn how to play Bouree from Jethro Tull. This will be Edison’s first experience learning a song on the keyboard and my first song for the bass guitar, so this should be fun.

Original Version of Bouree in E Minor from Johann Sebastian Bach – Bach lived (1685-1750)


Then, a band in the 1960’s, called Jethro Tull, got their hands on it.

The Record Version of Bouree


Live Version of Jethro Tull Playing Bouree


Modern, Live Version of Bouree with Orchestra


Resources for Learning Bouree on the Bass Guitar and Keyboard

Bouree Bass Guitar Tab – I don’t know if this will help, but I printed it just in case.

Bouree Keyboard Sheet Music – Great resource with a snippet of the song.


YouTube Video Tutorial for Playing Bouree on a Bass