mom-e's diary

Maybe it is time to save the children…

I have to admit, I struggled with this post. I have wanted to write something about this for several days now, but everything I wrote sounded like some lame, save-the-children commercial. You know what though? Maybe it is time to save the children…At least one.

Yes, I know. There are children all over that need help. Children who were unlucky enough to be born in war torn nations. Children down the street whose parents don’t have enough money to put healthy food on the table. Children who are neglected. Children with serious health issues. So many children who need so much help. So, why am I interested in one particular child in need who lives half-way around the world?

There are two reasons. First, he is just a few years older than Edison and he has experienced more pain and brutality than many adults will ever see in their lifetime. Second, there is actually something I can do to help.

You see, my friend Aram heard about this boy on CNN about 6 months ago. The story touched him, as it would any parent. But, rather than sitting by and wishing he could do something, he contacted CNN and found out how he could help. He started a non-profit, contacted surgeons who will do the necessary surgeries, and used his own resources to create a site to build awareness. If my friend can do all that, the least I can do is donate a little and help spread the word.

So, I am.

Before you think that this is just some plea for donations, I want to make it clear that you don’t have to give a dime in order to help. Just let others know. You can make a FaceBook post, +1 the site, ask for prayers at church, or just tell a neighbor. With only 6 degrees of separation, chances are you know someone who can help.

Just take a few minutes and visit this site. If you are moved like I was, please spread the word.