Parenting Tips At Bedtime: Lulling Your Child To Bed

Do you have a hard time getting your child to go to bed on a schedule? It’s not as simple as those without children might think it is. It isn’t as hard as the struggling parent might think either, though. And there are a few tricks for making it easier.

If you are fighting with your child every single night over the bedtime issue, then you need to figure out some of the best things to do to make the fights go away. It can be done.

First things first, the parent needs to figure out that they are the boss and that is all there is to it.

If your child somehow is of the impression that he or she is in charge, then you have a problem.

Every time the parent gets into the argument over bedtime, he or she is essentially ceding control to their child. The child is trying to manipulate the parent into a confrontation. As soon as the debate begins, the parent has already lost, so it is important for a parent to stand his or her ground.

For starters, give your child a little headstart. Let him or her know before bedtime that it is coming. Tell the child about 15 minutes before bedtime that it is approaching and that playtime will soon be over.

If you have to, let your toddler know at five-minutes to bedtime and at two-minutes to bedtime. This gets them ready. Then begin the bedtime routine. That can mean brushing teeth, going to the bathroom, reading a book or anything else the child is use to. Then send them to bed.

Once your child is down, don’t give them any feedback. That is so even if he or she screams and hollers, even if they ask for another glass of water. Don’t give in. Either lead your child back to bed, or ignore him or her altogether. Any sign of weakness on your part will be noticed by your child and he or she will exploit it.

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