family reunion activities

Reconnect as a Family Reunion with these Fun Activities

Family reunions can be a lot of fun.

Games for the kids, great food to share, sometimes new people to meet.

It’s also a chance to reconnect with your family while you have fun.

Check out these activities that are fun for what’s literally your whole family.

Location, location, location

That’s not just a real estate saying.

Depending on where the reunion is, and what time of year, we’ll help you choose an activity.

And, if you’re in charge of planning the family reunion activities, it’s important to know what will or won’t work.

There are tons of games for kids, but sometimes the adults can be harder.

Plus it will depend on how much space you’re working with.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Indoor activities


This is an old-school game but can be a fun way to learn more about your family.

Sitting in a circle, the first person whispers in the ear of the person to their right.

“I used to ride horses on a ranch in Montana”.

A simple sentence like that quickly becomes hilarious as it goes around the circle.

It’s silly and fun, and can be a great conversation starter afterward.


This is a pretty easy one, especially if you have a large family that’s maybe not all close.

You’ll need to either buy a bingo game or make your own.

Playing can be as laid back or competitive as your family gets.

Either way, it encourages conversation and fun.

Don’t forget the prizes for the winners.

You can grab simple things like candy to make it easy.

Family album, the digital version

You’ll need either a digital camera or phone for this game.

You’ll also need a small selection of weird hats or other props.

The more outrageous and silly, the better.

Set the auto timer on the camera.

Each person takes a selfie and passes the camera to the person on their left.

Whoever’s holding the camera when the timer goes off wins.

And by winning, we mean has to wear a silly hat or tell a funny (appropriate) joke.

Yes, and get their picture taken again while doing it!

After the reunion, create an online album for everyone to share and remember the fun.

Outdoor activities

Water balloon toss

This is especially fun if it’s a hot summer day.

Water balloon tossing can be tricky.

Catch it too firmly, it breaks.

Drop it, and you guessed it: busted water balloon.

You can divide into teams of 2 by any method:

  • Mother-daughter
  • Father-son
  • Pick a person you don’t know

Teams score points doing things like:

  • Most passes back and forth before it breaks
  • Longest distance pass
  • Fastest pass without dropping it

Scavenger hunt

Create a list of things people need to find:

  • Bird’s nest
  • Blooming flower
  • A rock shaped like something funny

Make sure each team has a digital camera (or phone) to take a picture.

Set a timer, and set everyone loose.

Prizes don’t have to be just for the team that got everything.

Be creative (“Funniest picture”) and everyone feels like a winner.

Let the games begin!