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Support WildEdisons…Stop Here Before You Go To Amazon

This post is primarily for my family from whom I frequently hear, “I know that when I shop on, you can get a little money if I do something on WildEdisons, but I don’t know what.”

It is so easy, it isn’t even funny.

If you are planning on buying something through, just come to WildEdisons first. Click on any link, and then shop like normal. If you end up buying something, I make a tiny commission. It isn’t a lot of money, just a few dollars a month, but every penny helps.

Just to pre-empt any questions, here is a little FAQ:

What link do I click on?
Any link. It can be a banner on the side navigation or a product detail link, whatever. If it is a link to a specific, you don’t have to buy it. Just browse or search like normal.

Why didn’t I get a thank you card?
I wish I could thank everyone that did this, but Amazon information is private and I have no way of knowing who clicks on a link or buys anything. Thank you, though!

What do you do with the money?
Any money from WildEdisons goes towards getting new books and educational toys for Edison. It generally takes a few months to earn the $25 minimum to get free shipping, but it usually takes me that long to decide on the perfect thing. 🙂

Is this why you have so many links on your site?
No! I once did the math and determined that I make about 8 cents per hour for working on WildEdisons, so clearly I am not in it for the money.

I do make a lot of posts about Edison’s favorite books and toys, but that is because I have wasted a lot of money on garbage. Toy companies are smart. They know that if they say a toy will teach your infant how to do quadratic equations, you will be more likely to buy it. Would you really buy a toy that advertised, “Makes really annoying sounds and teaches your kid nothing!”

So, when I manage to find toys that have real value or books that make my son want to read, I let other parents know. A little commission from is just icing on the cake.