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Swimming Pool Safety Tips that Lead to an Awesome Time

Are you planning on hosting an epic pool party? Do¬†you just want to make sure your little ones are protected when they’re in or around the pool?

No matter the reason, it’s always good to take swimming pool safety seriously.

Here, you’ll learn the top 5 pool safety tips precautions you need to take to make sure everyone stays safe!

1. Have A Lifeguard On Duty

According to recent statistics, about 390 people drown in a swimming pool every year. Make sure your guests and loved ones don’t become a statistic.

Especially if you have children, making sure that they have proper supervision is the best way to prevent devastating accidents.

Teach your kids that they need an adult around before they’re allowed to swim. If you’re hosting a children’s pool party, ask several adults to take turns acting as a lifeguard so no one gets tired.

If you’re hosting an adult pool party, it’s a good idea to have at least one person stay sober, in case drinking too much leads to someone getting hurt or being careless in the water.

2. Make Sure The Temperature Of Your Pool Is Regulated

This is a pool safety tip we (sadly) see frequently overlooked. If you’re not checking the temperature of your pool, it could have serious consequences.

First of all, you don’t want your water to overheat or to get too cold and freeze over, which can be a costly nightmare to deal with. Of course, the wrong temperature can also lead to sickness!

But also, if your pool isn’t the right temperature, the cleaning solutions you’re using may not be effective.

To regulate temperature, look into getting a gas pool heater.

3. Know CPR

The reality is that no matter how cautious you are, accidents can still happen.

Look into taking local CPR training classes, and make sure that at least one member of your household knows how to administer it.

Also, be sure to have a First Aid kit on hand for more minor scrapes and boo-boos.

4. Remove Your Pool Covers – Completely

Sure, putting pool covers on and then taking them off again every time you get in and out of the water can be a pain.

Still, you need to take the time to completely remove them every time you swim.


Because pool covers can easily accidentally trap someone underwater. Also, people swimming can forget they’re in place, and try to come up for air in the wrong spot.

5. Lock Up Your Cleaning Chemicals

It may be tempting to keep the chemicals you use to clean your pool within reach, by the side of the pool.

But if you have children or pets, doing so can have deadly consequences.

Instead, lock the chemicals up in your laundry room or in a pool shed.

You’re Ready To Splash Safely

Nobody likes to think about something going wrong at a pool party. Still, prevention is the best cure when it comes to pool safety.

Put this tips into practice to ensure everyone has a great and safe time!