Teach your toddler how to cut a banana

Snack time is a breeze when your toddler has some practice with this useful activity.

What you Need for this Toddler Activity…
* A banana
* A butter knife
* 2 plates
* A tray (Trays are useful for containing activities and helping your toddler stay focused)

How you Do It…

  1. Don’t peel the banana, but get it started by cutting the top near the stem.
  2. Place the banana on one of the plates. Then, place both plates and the butter knife on the tray.
  3. Present the tray to your toddler.
  4. Help your toddler peel the banana and put the peel pieces on the empty plate.
  5. Then, help your toddler use the butter knife to slice the banana

* As always, use your best judgment with this activity.