The Contract Breaker

The Contract Breaker is a story that I, Edison, made with my dad for school. It is about John who must pay for a castle he bought from George, and there is a Mage who turns out to be a con man. There is 4 subcategories of the story these are The Demand, Negotiation, The Trap, and The Con. The story also features John being captured by George, and the mage taking their houses. The story is shown below.

John, the Contract Breaker

The Demand

John, was a brave, bowlegged, rich, and cunning knight. He was once a great Jouster. He lived in a small fortified castle in between a Large Elderoak forest and a prairie. He was outside of his castle gathering blackberries when a brown, hairy, giant strolled up behind him.

“I’ve been looking for you!” Said George the giant in a deep voice.

George then said, “You haven’t paid for the castle that you bought from me.”

Before George could talk John said, “I thought it wasn’t due for weeks yet?”

“Well, your time is up! it has been months and months and I still haven’t been payed.”

“Well sorry I can’t, I am in great debt because of hiring my new mage muscle.” Said John

“Well no mage muscle could ever hurt me, I’m a giant!” Yelled George.

Then the mage appeared with a puff of smoke.

The mage said, “Are you being threatened, Sir?”

John said, “Yes, but I don’t need your help yet.” So the mage disappeared.

“Well, John you should have taken your mage’s help.” George said. He then picked him up and carried into the forest figure out how to get payed.


While bouncing up and down on George’s shoulder, John called for his mage, but he wouldn’t come. He even tried to fight his way down but it was no use, his sword was useless against George’s tough skin. Eventually they got through the forest to George’s house which sat on a hill in a clearing. Inside there were pictures of relatives, art, an ice box, and some human and giant chairs. When George put John down he immediately tried to run. But before he could get out the door George grabbed him and threw him back onto his chair

“Pay Me!” Growled George

“Uh, sure, but not today.” Said John

“Well when will you pay me?”  asked George

“How about in a few weeks.” answered John

“That is too long, I need to be paid today.” Said George. Snatching him out of his chair while grumbling, “I’ll show you.” he brought John to his dungeon and threw him into a pit.

“If I come with you to your castle I will let you out.” George Said

The area John was stuck in was damp, muddy, and cold. He called for his mage over and over, but he didn’t come so he sat in the corner like a frog. A few hours later a puff of green smoke appeared it was the mage! John said “Why didn’t you come when I called you the first time?”

“I was busy.” the mage answered

“I don’t pay you to be busy, but just get me out of here!” Said John

The mage said, “I have a better idea, let’s set a trap for the big fellow.”

“Well, what is your plan.”

“You agree to his requests and lure him into the dungeon in your castle. Make sure it’s cell four the one with the big stuck door and I will have the trap ready when you get there.” Said the mage

“What am I going to get out of this deal?.” Said John

“We’ll get him to sign over his cash and house for his freedom and we both will be rich.” Said the mage

The Trap

John yelling for George said, “You can come, just get me out of here.”

George carried him to the castle, when he was put down he yelled to one of his guards on top of the wall to drop the draw bridge. When the draw bridge was down George could easily walk into the castle because it was built for giants originally. John said to George “I left my gold bars down in the dungeon could you go and get them for me please, they are in cell 4.”

“No, I think you should.” Said George

“But down there is a stuck door that I can’t open.” Said John

“Then how did you put the gold there?” said George

“My guards did it and they are busy.” Said John

“Fine I guess I will do it.” Said George

He walked down the stairs to the dungeon. When he forced the door to open and went into the cell George he knew it was a trap, but it was too late. The door slammed shut so George was trapped.

The Con

John came down to see George trapped in the cell.

George yelled, “Get me out of here, Now!”

“Well NO, unless you sign this” John said as he handed George a contract, “Sign this, and I will get your house and all your gold bars.”

“But that is, all of my money, how dare you lock me up and make me sign it.” Said George

John said, “Well, I need money bad, so I will steal it.”

George said, “There are other ways to get money, please let me out!”

“I can’t, it wasn’t my idea! It was the mage’s idea.” Explained John

“Well tell the mage that I would like to talk to him.” Grumbled George. Right when George said that the mage appeared once again, and said, “You wanted to talk to me?”

“Yes, I would like to talk about why you locked me up!” yelled George

“No, I will not tell you.” said the Mage

George growled “I am very angry, I want to b…”

“Wait,” said John, “can we make an agreement?”

“Yes, I would like to have an agreement, that involves me being free and doesn’t involve my money.” George answered

John said, “Let’s say that if you giv…”

“Enough,” said the Mage, “pay or not pay, No agreements!”

John said, “I am your master how can you say no to me!”

“I will not listen to you any longer,” yelled the Mage as he took out his wand and said “Frogo!” John and George were instantly turned into frogs. The Mage picked them up and teleported to the closest pond. John and George tried to hop away but it didn’t work because his grip was too strong. The Mage threw them in the pond with a splash and said, “I never really liked them, glad they’re gone.” Teleporting back to the castle he said, “Guess it’s time to redecorate.”