The Developmental Learning Of Children When They Turn Three

It is always a very great achievement when kids get to the age of three years since some parents always worry that their children would get to some dangerous stage or get into harm’s way as they continue to grow older. Yet children must grow and be the joy of their parents.

Well, when children reach the age of three, they begin to take up a number of skills. They should begin to have an increasing vocabulary of about 1000 words and start making longer sentences. They start practicing their vocabulary and talking nonstop and the parents are advised to make them continue.

Potty training is normally over at this stage but some of them would still continue to have some little difficulty controlling urine so the bed wetting may continue till they are at least five years old. You will also notice that they will be using alphabetical letters and more figures.

The fast growing three year old children will start counting their fingers and indicate their age with their fingers when asked. They also begin to talk about and recognize some colors.

It is amazing that at this age, the children can start practicing their social skills, and if they are at a daycare or what is called preschool, they would take each and every one of their classmates as a dear friend.

This is because they still do not know the meaning of the word friendship, and they only appreciate the little time they spend playing together. You would be surprised that some toddlers would start having imaginary friends. Parents are advised not to give it much thought.

Playtime is therapeutic and is good for your three year old because even when they get so engrossed into it and start working out emotions over teddy bears and toys, it would still be part of their growing up.

Remember your child might still be feeling a bit insecure at this age so she will use security objects which he or she would keep clinging on but this should not worry you one bit. Again at this point the children become annoyingly over active to the extent of being a handful and a headache. Never mind, in the end the rewards would be greater, so keep focusing on this.

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