Toddler iPad Apps We Love: FirstWords

First Words: Deluxe is one of our favorite toddler iPad apps. My son loves it because it makes sounds and has bright pictures of objects he recognizes. I love it because he has so much fun learning the alphabet, pre-reading skills, and vocabulary. Plus, every time he plays, his fine motor skills improve. I love it! What a great toddler iPad app!

The game is simple. The screen shows a word with a picture and then your toddler drags letters onto the word to spell it. When your toddler is finished, the picture makes a noise and moves so that they know they did it right. I am not doing it justice. You just have to try it out yourself. All I know is that my son can happily spend an hour playing this toddler app, and that is worth its weight in gold.

Toddler iPad Apps We Love: FirstWords

From the Toddler App Developer
The best-selling reading game for kids is now available with more words than ever before! First Words: Deluxe provides endless fun for the toddlers in your life, all while giving your child a head start on learning their letters and learning to spell words.

First Words: Deluxe is toddler-tested and approved, with a user-interface designed specifically for the littlest of fingers. The game includes 147 words, including:

== 44 animals
== 35 vehicles
== 14 colors
== 22 shapes
== 32 words from around the house

A wide range of options let you tune the game to match your child’s current skills and abilities.

If your child is old enough to ask for your phone, they’re old enough for First Words: Deluxe!