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Toddler Toys We Love: Fisher-Price Stack & Roll Cups

Toddler Toys We Love: Fisher Price Stack and Roll Cups

What a simple and beautifully designed toddler toy. A friend of ours gave this to our son Edison when he was about six months old. A year and a half later, he still loves it.

This toy is so much more than it looks. You can stack the cups two different ways, nest them inside each other, or put cups together into balls. The balls are big enough to hold little treasures like animals or the chime ball that it comes with.

But, forget what it was designed for…We use it to practice colors. I ask my toddler to close his eyes and then I put a treat like a Cheerio under one of the cups. When he opens his eyes, I tell him the treat is under the red (or whatever) cup. It is silly, but he loves it.

The cups lock together just enough that they stay together, but my two year-old has no problem getting them apart.

Versatile, durable, and inexpensive, this toy definitely packs a bang for your buck.

From the Manufacturer
Baby can learn so much through basic play, and these stackable, nestable, fit-together-and-roll-around cups offer endless versatility for lots of enriching discoveries. Includes 10 colorful cups to grasp, stack or nest, with grooved surfaces for a snug fit and easy stacking. Different colors, sizes and numbers help build early identification skills. A smiling jingle ball nests inside any cup, or fits on top of a whole stack! (more…)