Tracing For Toddlers: Improve Fine Motor Skills with Mazes

Tracing for Toddlers: Improve Fine Motor Skills with MazesMy spirited toddler and I have been practicing our tracing skills. Tracing is great because it helps him practice his fine motor skills and learn how to hold a writing utensil. We focused on tracing alphabet letters because that way he learns his ABC’s too. But he can only trace the alphabet so many times before he gets bored.

A couple of months ago, I found a fantastic toddler wipe off maze book, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much my spirited toddler loved it! You can see his little brain working away as he figures out which way to go.

He goes through the book page by page, tracing the path of each maze and then moving on to the next one. When he has gone through every maze in the book, he just goes back through with a baby wipe and cleans the pages. His fine motor skills and toddler tracing improve every time he does it. What a fun tracing activity for toddlers!

Where to Find Wipe Off Toddler Maze Books

I have seen a lot of maze books in grocery stores, but have had a hard time finding the wipe off kind. I found our favorite one on Check it out by clicking here. For all of their wipe-off maze books, click here.

Tips for Using and Cleaning Wipe Off Maze Books

  • After your toddler is done with the book, have them wipe off each page. We use baby wipes. It is a heck of a lot easier to do it right away before it sets.
  • Experiment with fat and thin dry erase markers. The fat ones are easier to hold, but the thin ones are easier to keep in the lines.
  • Do it with your child. Everyone likes a cheerleader and this keeps your toddler from using the markers on things other than the book.