How to Take Care of Your Sick Dog at Home

How to Take Care of Your Sick Dog at Home

Dog parents love it when their pups are happy. Wagging tails, joyous barking, and lolling tongues are all signs your doggy is a happy camper. But dogs have down days. They get sick too.

As important members of our families, dogs deserve proper care when they’re sick. Consult with a veterinarian about your sick dog at once. After examining your dog’s health, a vet may prescribe medication and request that you monitor your pooch’s progress at home.

In this case, you’ll want to know what steps to take to make your pet as comfortable as possible.

Here’s how to take care of your sick dog at home.

Give Your Sick Dog A Break

Feeding a vomiting a dog will further upset its digestive track. Consider giving the dog’s system a rest.

Some reasons for vomiting include:

  • Inflammation in the stomach
  • Intestinal issues (your dog may have swallowed something or have some other organ-related issue)
  • IBS
  • Bacterial infection
  • A parasite

Hold off on meals and water for at least six to eight hours.

Watch for vomiting during this timeframe. If it stops, gradually offer your dog some water in small doses. If successful, introduce larger amounts then begin offering food.

Administer All Medications

If your dog’s illness requires more than rest, your vet will authorize the use of medication. Give your pet its meds.

This may not be an easy task. Dogs hate taking medication as well. If your pet resists, try dog pill pockets. These pockets are little pill treats made from natural ingredients.

Disguise the medication inside the pill tube and offer it to your dog as a treat.

Keep Them Calm and Relaxed

Just like humans, dogs feel vulnerable when they’re sick. They get anxious and look to their owners for comfort.

Talk to your dog. If possible, put your pet in your lap and offer gentle strokes to ease the discomfort.

Create a distraction from the sickness. Offer up his or her favorite toy or put on some calming music. Music is essential to a dog’s overall health and happiness.

Offer Banana Chips

A small serving of unsweetened banana chips is a safe substitute for a big meal when your dog is sick.

High in fiber and potassium, banana chips help settle a sick dog’s stomach. Just like vitamins are beneficial to your kids, the vitamin B6 and C in these treats also give pets a small boost of energy.

Rest Your Pet

You may think it’s a good idea to take your dog outside for a breath of fresh air but it’s not. Forcing a sick pet to take a walk outside may exacerbate its misery and prolong the healing process.

Stuff a comfy pillow in its bed and encourage your dog to lay down and rest.

Moving Forward

Always seek the advice or assistance of a trained professional when you have a sick dog. After you’ve received proper medical advice, do all that’s necessary to nurse your dog back to health.

Comfort them, monitor their behavior, and reassure them of your presence.

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