Toddler Learning Activities with

Alphabet Magnet LettersAlphabet magnets are one of the most inexpensive and versatile products imaginable for a toddler. I purchased a big bag of multiple sets at a used clothing store for $1 and they play a large roll in a number of our educational activities.

Cups and Letters
Hide a different letter under each of three different colored cups. Ask your toddler to find the letter. “Hint…It is under the blue cup.” Then, mix up the cups and do it again.

Word Scavenger Hunt
Spell out a simple, household word (cup, spoon, etc.)  in alphabet magnets on your refrigerator. Point to each letter to spell it out before saying the word. Then, have your toddler find the object.

Practice Pouring
Alphabet magnets are excellent for helping your toddler practice pouring. They are small enough that they pour, but they don’t make a huge mess.

Practice Sorting and Colors
Use a muffin tin or dixie cups to help your toddler sort the magnets by color.

Special Letter
Sometimes, when we go to the grocery store, I put an alphabet letter in a little plastic Easter egg. When we get to the store, my toddler cracks open the egg to see what the special letter is. Then, we spend the trip looking for that letter in signs at the store.

Picture and Letter Matching
Cut out some simple pictures from magazines. (Pictures without too much going on.) Then, help your toddler hang them up on the refrigerator using the letter that the object in the picture begins with.

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