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Aren’t You Cool…You Hacked a Mommy Blog

For the second time in 30 days, was hacked. They changed my home page to a file with a generic hate message and a picture of a girl that they could never date without paying.

It wasn’t directed at me. It was just some script that someone wrote to target old versions of WordPress. They call it tagging, and it is the internet equivalent of spray painting a picture of a male body part on a school building. It is common and usually harmless, but boy is it annoying.

Now, if I had an online bank and they hacked in to get account numbers, that would be different. If I had some website which I bragged was unhackable, then I would understand some tagger going in and knocking me off my high-horse. If I was a member of a rival hacker gang or I had a hate blog or I had said something awful about their sister, then…cool…I get it.

But really…This is a Mommy Blog.

Years ago, some kids broke windows in every car along my street. I was furious, but it wasn’t just because I had to replace my window. It was just so pointless. Honestly, I would have preferred that they stole my car stereo or something. I would still be upset, but at least I could understand. (Although, now that I think about it, I still wouldn’t have understood because my stereo wasn’t worth stealing. But, you get the point…)

Senseless destruction. So pointless. Grrrr…Clearly, if I hadn’t carved out enough time to upgrade my WordPress installation, I don’t have enough time to deal with their graffiti.

So…Congratulations, you sorry excuse for a human. You managed to hack a Mommy blog. What’s next on your list? Stealing candy from a special needs child?