Preschool Cooking Activity: “Doctor” a Pizza

Bored kid + frozen pizza = cooking activity, but I’m posting it anyway because this is such a fun cooking activity for kids!

I always keep a few healthy frozen pizzas in the house for nights that we don’t have enough time or energy for a proper meal. By healthy pizza, I am referring to the whole grain crust, veggie pizzas that taste almost as good as the box you buy them in. You really have to add some unhealthy stuff for them to be palatable. We call this “doctoring” the pizza, and it is as necessary as preheating the oven.

This is the perfect activity for Edison. He pulls a chair up to the counter and crumbles bacon, distributes veggies, etc. We have one of those fancy, $3 cheese shredders with 5 sides, and each face of the shredder produces a different type of shredded cheese. Edison is fascinated by this thing. We end up with five different sizes of shredded cheese and way more dairy than we really need, but it is an activity in itself.

The best part is, when Little Man “helps” with the cooking, he is much more likely to eat well. All in all, this activity is messier and more time consuming than cooking alone, but it is totally worth it!