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Diary of a Spirited Toddler Mom: Yoga Instruction from a Toddler

While playing with his trains this morning, my son suddenly stopped, stood up, and put his hands together over his head. He said, “1…2…3…” I know his school incorporates yoga into their toddler curriculum, so I said, “are you doing mountain pose?” He nodded.

Then, he got down on the floor on his belly and said, “snake.” I figured it couldn’t hurt, so I got down on the floor with him. Apparently, I wasn’t doing it right because Little Man felt the need to correct my pose. After my snake pose was up to par, he counted to 3 and moved on to the next pose. It was too cute.

Yoga is so great for toddlers. It helps my son relax, work on his gross motor skills, and follow instructions. Let’s not forget the counting part.