spray bottle

Cleaning can be a challenge with toddlers. Turn it into a joint activity by turning your toddler into your official Director of Spray Bottle Technology.

Monitor your toddler very closely with this activity. Make sure that the bottle is always pointed away from their face and at the object they are supposed to be spraying.

Instruct your toddler to spray in batches of 3 and to count as they spray. That way, they practice their counting while keeping the amount of spray at a reasonable level.

To mix things up a bit, try trading places. Sometimes, they get to spray while you wipe. Sometimes, they get to wipe while you spray.

Your toddler can help you by…

  • Spraying the glass cleaner while you wipe down the windows
  • Spraying the dust polish while you wipe down the furniture
  • Spraying air freshener
  • Spraying odor eliminator on couch cushions and pillows