Sort those Shapes

Shape sorters are a great way to improve your toddler’s fine motor skills and teach shapes at the same time. But, they can be frustrating for new users. Using the shape sorter together can reduce frustration and provide a nice opportunity to talk about shapes while you spend time with your toddler.

For this activity, have your toddler choose a block to put into the shape sorter. Talk out loud as you search the shape sorter for the right spot.

“This is a green cube. I wonder where the cube goes. Oh! It looks like it might fit here! Let’s try to put the green cube into this hole.”

Let your toddler try, giving them hints along the way. (This will also help them learn the vocabulary to follow directions.)

“Try turning it. You can do it!”

If they start to get frustrated, gently guide their hand. Let them choose the next shape.