Finding a Babysitter for Your Spirited Toddler

Find Great Care Providers!
Looking for a babysitter is hard enough, but finding child care for a spirited toddler can be especially difficult. As you know, caring for a spirited child requires extra patience and understanding. Below are some ways to find a baby sitter for your child:

Look for babysitters on community bulletin boards
The next time you go to a local restaurant, community center, church, or local grocery store, check the bulletin board. Often, babysitters and childcare providers will post fliers with their credentials and prices.

We don’t have family around and we are pretty picky about who we trust with our son. My sister-in-law recommended We found a number of babysitters in our area that were rated by other parents. This site has been a lifesaver.

Ask other parents if they can recommend a good sitter
Who knows sitters better than parents of other spirited children? Even if their children are not spirited, other parents would at least be able to give you names and numbers of baby sitters they trust.

Ask family if they want to make a few extra dollars
If you have family around but feel guilty because your toddler can be challenging to watch, offer to give them a little something. You might feel better about asking and they might appreciate the gesture.

Suggest a babysitting swap
Ask other parents if they would be interested in swapping babysitting hours. You watch their child for a few hours one night, and then you get to go out while they watch your child.

If you have other suggestions for finding a baby sitter, please comment. We would love to hear your ideas.