Toddler iPad Apps We Love: My First Tangrams HD

Toddler iPad Apps We Love: My First Tangrams HDMy first Tangrams HD is a fantastic toddler iPad app which helps my 2 year-old practice his fine motor skills and shapes at the same time.

This game is an adaptation for kids of the famous Tangram game. In the basic game, your toddler sees a picture that is made out of shapes. The shapes are shown below the picture.

The object of the game is to drag the shapes on to the picture. When you complete the picture, the game applauds. It sounds easy, but if you are a toddler who has yet to master their fine motor skills, it can be a fun challenge.

We generally give our toddler a running commentary of the shapes that he is moving on the screen, so he gets a little practice learning his shapes too.

Check out the video below to see our toddler, Edison, playing the game.