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Galway to Graceland, Ukulele Style

So, I know this post doesn’t look like it involves activities for preschoolers, but I swear it does. The ukulele is the perfect starter instrument for a 3 year-old. It is the right size, teaches music appreciation, fine motor skills, and you name it. Edison is already starting to get the hang of strumming, and I just got it today.

My friend, River, turned me on to the baritone ukulele which has 4 strings that are tuned just like the highest strings on the guitar. So, if Little Man can get the hang of the ukulele, guitar would be a natural transition.

The best part is…I get to play too! This is my rendition of Richard Thompson’s Galway to Graceland…Ukulele style.

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  1. I cried.

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