iPads and Toddlers: Why iPads are great educational tools for toddlers

iPads and Toddlers – Why iPads are a Great Educational Tool for Toddlers

iPads and Toddlers - Why iPads are a Great Educational Tool for ToddlersAs soon as my husband bought an iPad, I filled the garage sale box with “educational” toys that became instantly obsolete. Now, I am not saying that the iPad can replace the skills that a toddler learns from playing with blocks or running around outside or playing with friends. But, it beats the heck out of a lot of the stupid beeping electronic toys out there.

Plus, since it is a good idea to sit with your toddler as they use your iPad, you get the opportunity to do a little bonding. Having your hints and words of encouragement will reinforce the material your toddler is learning.

If you have one already or are thinking about buying an iPad, consider introducing your toddler to this amazing educational tool.

iPads Grow with your Toddler
Sure, that cool truck with the alphabet letters may have helped your toddler with basic phonics, but what happens once he has learned his alphabet? iPads, on the other-hand have a virtually endless stream of educational apps for all age groups, from toddler to adult. When your toddler masters a concept, you can just download more apps.

iPads are Interactive
Most toddlers are intrigued by cause and effect. They love movement and toys they can interact with. When your toddler counts all of the apples or chooses the right shape or correctly traces a letter of the alphabet, the iPad lets them know. Applause, chimes, and encouraging voices keep your toddler interested in learning more.

iPads can Teach your Toddler Almost Anything
With the hundreds of free or inexpensive toddler apps available on the iPad, your toddler can learn almost anything. From ABC’s to counting to colors and beyond, iPad app developers have it covered.

The iPad Will Familiarize Your Toddler with Computer Interfaces
Although the iPad uses a touch screen instead of a keyboard, many of the elements of the interface are standard across many systems. Most interfaces have menus, scrolling, and a method of selecting items. Many of the navigational names and icons are similar too. My toddler cannot operate a mouse, but he points to the buttons on my computer screen when he is “done” or wants to go “back”. The iPad also taught him how to pause, rewind, and play movies.

iPads Help Toddlers Practice their Fine Motor Skills
Moving the little bar to unlock the iPad, tapping buttons, and drawing and tracing are not easy for little folks. Along with learning basic navigational concepts, interacting with the iPad is a great way to practice fine motor skills.

iPads are Portable
Blocks, Legos, and shape sorters are fantastic toys, but try taking it with you to the doctor’s office. iPads are portable. They don’t have a ton of pieces and they don’t require a lot of time to set up and take down. Your toddler can practice his alphabet on an excruciatingly long plane trip or learn animal noises at the doctor’s office.