Toddler Alphabet Puzzle Mat Activities

Toddler Toys We Love: Alphabet Puzzle Mat

Toddler Alphabet Puzzle Mat ActivitiesAs you know from my post, Toddler Alphabet Puzzle Mat Activities, I absolutely love this this versatile educational toy. And yes, I consider it a toy, not just a floor covering. Ours is taken apart far more than it is put together. My spirited toddler has so much fun with it and the activities, he doesn’t even know that he is learning his ABC’s.

A number of companies make them, but they are all a little different. Some have numbers, some have uppercase letters, some have lowercase letters, some have a combination. I chose one that had uppercase letters, but I wish I had thought to get one that had numbers.

Don’t let the prices in fancy toy catalogs scare you. You can pick up an alphabet puzzle mat for a fraction of the price of retail stores by going to And, be sure to check out some of the puzzle mat activities to help you decide which mat to get.

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