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Quotes and Anecdotes from a Spirited 3 Year-Old

07/4/2012 – I am darker

Tonight, I picked up Edison and said, “When you were a baby, you were much lighter.”

He said, “Yeah, and now I am darker…”

Cracked me up.

06/19/2012 – Horror Movies

We have a book about the solar system, and Edison is fascinated by the section on the life cycle of stars. So, tonight, we watched an episode of How the Universe Works that explained Supernovae. Edison was transfixed. 

I tucked him in and it was Supernova this and Hypernova that. Finally, he settled down to sleep. At his request, I left the door open so that he could see the sunset down the hall.

About an hour later, he freaked out, yelling “Mom! Mommy!”
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“The sun is GONE! Did it blow up?!?”

I guess the sunset would be a pretty scary thing after learning about how stars explode…

What I find interesting is, if we were to watch a horror movie, I think he would not have been as scared. We could have said, “don’t worry…This is not real…Those people are actors. The blood is fake.”

But, he knows that stars really do explode, even if it won’t be for 4-5 billion years.

06/19/2012 – Our Little Nutritionist

Today, when I picked Edison up from school, his teacher told me a cute story. They had a bunch of hotdogs left over from a charity event, and they gave them to the kids for snack.

Apparently, Edison explained to his little friends that “hotdogs are junk food. They aren’t good for you, but it is OK to have them sometimes as a special treat.”

So proud of my little nutritionist. 🙂

05/25/2012 – An Interesting Drive Home

I don’t like conversations that start with: “Mommy? How did you and Daddy make me?”
I do like conversations that start with: “When I was a ninja…”
(It was an interesting drive home from school today.)

05/14/2012 – Dr Frankenstein? 

After explaining why cockleburs stick to you, I told Edison that we would find some cockleburs and make butterflies out of them. They would be pretend butterflies, I explained. Edison asked why we couldn’t make real butterflies, and I said we couldn’t because people can’t make life.

“I can…” he said.

Then, he whispered in my ear, “I use magic and light and power.”

Sounds like we have the next Dr. Frankenstein on our hands…

05/14/2012 – My Not-Real Name…

Edison: My real name is Edison, but my not-real name is Tron.

05/14/2012 – If I was a dog…

Me: When we get home, we need to walk the dog.

Edison: Why do we need to walk the dog?

Me: Because he can’t use a bathroom like you and me. He has to go potty outside.

Edison: Oh…Well, if I was a dog, I would have a jet pack.

05/07/2012 – Oh the Questions!

Young man was full of questions tonight! Some of them are what I like to call “seed questions”. These are the questions whose answers bring more questions (and more questions and more questions). Below are some of the evening’s most fertile seed questions…

  • What is a gutter?
  • How does a train work?
  • Where does the windshield wiper fluid come from?
  • How do spiders make webs?
  • Where does the stuff go when you flush?
  • How do they get the milk into the cow?
  • Where do baby cows come from? (Yes…He opened that door.)

04/20/2012 – Can My Son Read the Word “Radish”?

Tonight, we were watching the learning-to-read cartoon, Super Why?. (Love it!) At one point in the episode, The Super Readers need to get some horses to stop blocking the road. They decide to coax them away with snacks from 3 fruit and vegetable stands. Each stand is piled high with fruits or vegetables, and each one has a sign. Alpha Pig asks which one starts with the letter “R”, and Edison yells “Radishes!”

OK…I would get it if it was an apple or broccoli or something he saw on a regular basis, but radishes? I think I was in my 20’s before I learned what a radish looked like.

04/something/2012 – Waiting in line in the women’s restroom

EDISON: “Mommy? Where do you pee?”

MOMMY: “We pee in the toilets in the bathroom stalls, but someone is in there, so we have to wait.”

EDISON: “No. If girls don’t have wankies, where do you pee?”

MOMMY: [pauses thoughtfully] “What do you think you want for dinner?”

03/21/2012 – The most awkward question in the world

‎”Mom? How do they get the bacon out of the pig?”

02/29/2012 – Things you say when…

“Huh…I don’t know what that was.”
– Things you say when…You are driving with a 3 year-old and a bird hits your car, exploding in a cloud of feathers.


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  1. Quick correction mom, we call it a Winky, not a wankie. And please feel free to field some of these questions to me whenever needed. I will take the “Bacon/Pig” question, and anything having to do with a car, train, toilet or other mechanical object. Your on your own with the girl peeing thing though!

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