Sight Words Magnets (Free Download)

Sight Words Magnets - Free Toddler Activity Download

There are different schools of thought when it comes to teaching children how to read. Some programs focus on sight words and some focus on phonics. Sight words are common words that children can recognize by sight. Phonics is the relationship between the letters and the way they sound.

In the beginning, I decided to focus on phonics because I was afraid that if I taught sight words, my son would learn how to read the word “bat” but not be able to read the word “fat”. Recently, I decided to take a combined approach. I still work with him on phonics, but now we are looking for sight words when we read.

I put together the attached download to help my toddler with sight words. (Now, he is a preschooler, but we still use them.)

It is simply a list of common sight words that can be printed on magnetic paper and cut out. We use the magnetic sight words make sentences on the refrigerator, etc.

Making Your Own Sight Word Magnets is Easy:

1. Download the file: Sight Words Magnets

2. Print it out onto magnetic paper (available at most office supply stores and

3. Cut the words apart.

See? I told you it was easy!

Pre-fab Sight Word Magnets

I wrote this post a couple of years ago, but just recently discovered a slew of options for pre-fab sight word magnets. We own (and love) the sight words for preschoolers. I haven’t tried the “Really Big Words”, but they are by the same company, so I am sure they would be perfect for toddlers.

Magnetic Sight Words for Toddlers
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Like I said, I have only tried the magnetic sight words for preschoolers, but I totally would have gotten these when Edison was a toddler. According to the product description, they are over an inch and a half tall, so they would be perfect for little hands. I also love that they come with a sturdy case, just like the “Story Maker” magnets below.


Magnetic Sight Words for Preschoolers
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These are the best! Not only are they a great way to practice reading, but they are color coded by parts of speech. I could not believe how quickly my son took to these. We make silly sentences and practice reading, and the box is small enough to fit in my purse when we travel.

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