Alphabet tracing is one of the best ways for toddlers and preschoolers to practice the alphabet, learn how to write, and practice their fine motor skills. Below are some of our favorite alphabet tracing activities.

Write a letter with a yellow marker and then trace it in black
I learned this one from Edison’s preschool teacher. She writes the alphabet letter with a yellow marker on white paper. Then, he just traces it with another color. This is an especially good way for children to sign greeting cards.

Use wipe-off alphabet tracing placemats
This is one of my favorite ways for Edison to practice alphabet tracing because it also keeps him entertained while he is waiting for dinner. I just give him a pencil and he traces the letters until dinner is ready. I keep a wet wipe handy and he just wipes it off as I set down his plate. As with everything like this, I got mine for cheap at >>

Cover a chalk board with chalk and use your finger to write the letter
Hold a piece of chalk sideways and use it to coat a chalkboard. Then, use your finger to draw letters of the alphabet. Give your child the chalk and have them trace the letters. When they have finished, just use the chalk to scribble over it and do it again. From the post: Toddler Alphabet Tracing Activity >>

Alphabet Tracing

Use the Wipe Clean Letters Alphabet Tracing Book
This book is fantastic for practicing alphabet tracing. We have had it since he was a toddler, but he still uses it as a preschooler. The book has heavy cardboard pages where my son can trace the letters and then wipe them off. I keep the marker on a shelf where he can’t reach it, but happily bring it down every time he wants to use it (which is a lot). He will trace the letter on each page.

When he is finished, I give him a baby wipe to clean the pages. (In the past, I have had issues with wipe-off books getting stained if you leave marker on it for a long time. We would rather be safe than sorry. Plus, he enjoys the act of cleaning up the alphabet tracing pages.) The last I checked, you could still get this at a discount on >>

Download Free Handwriting Practice Worksheets
Edison came home from school with alphabet tracing worksheets one day. I happened to notice a website address printed on the bottom of the pages. I went to the site and found that I could print pre-made worksheets or make my own. Click here to check out the site >>

Trace letters on signs
Any sign with big letters that is within their reach presents a good alphabet tracing opportunity. Obviously, they would use their finger instead of a writing utensil, but the principle is the same. I like garage sale signs and sale signs at grocery stores.

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