Toddler Alphabet Tracing Activity

Toddler Alphabet Tracing ActivityBefore your toddler can think about writing the alphabet, they have to have the fine motor skills necessary to draw the letters. A good way to practice the alphabet and fine motor skills is to have your toddler trace the ABC’s.

I have seen activities where you write on a piece of paper, cover it with plastic wrap, and then have your toddler use a dry erase marker to trace what you wrote. If that method works for you, great! It never really came out as planned for us. Things slipped and slid, and we ended up getting marker all over the place.

So, I started using a chalkboard. Just hold a piece of chalk sideways and use it to coat the entire board. Then, use your finger to draw letters of the alphabet. Give your toddler the chalk and have them trace the letters. When they have finished, just use the chalk to scribble over it and do it again.¬†Easy cheesy…

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