With the attention-span of a fruit fly, toddlers lose interest in toys very quickly. Rather than buying new toys to add to the clutter, try rotating your toddler’s toys every few weeks.

Narrowing down your toddler’s toys will help reduce distractions. Plus, when old toys are reintroduced, your toddler’s experiences will have grown and they may find new ways to enjoy them.

How To Do It…
Have your toddler choose some of their favorite toys and set them aside. Then, work together to put all of the other toys into bins or boxes. (Clear plastic boxes are ideal because you can see what is in them without bothering with labels.)

Your toddler will be able to practice his/her sorting skills by putting all of the Mr. Potato Head pieces in one box, all of the Legos in another, etc.

Put the bins and boxes into a closet or other space so that they are out-of-sight, out-of-mind. Then, in a few weeks, swap out some of the current toys with items from the bins.

* This is also a great time to identify toys to give away or sell at a garage sale.
* If your child is upset about putting his/her toys away, you may want to do this activity while they are sleeping.