Free Download for Stop, Go, and More signs

Get your toddler moving and teach valuable pre-reading skills with this fun activity.

It takes a little time to prepare, but once you are ready to go, you and your toddler can have fun over and over again!

What you need for this activity…
* Popsicle sticks
* A color print-out of the free Stop, Go, and More download printed on thick paper
* An extra piece of thick paper for the backs of the signs

Preparing this activity…
1. Hold theĀ  Stop, Go, and More print-out and the extra piece of paper together and cut out each circle. (This will give you a colored “sign” circle and a blank circle for the back.)
2. Glue each sign circle to a popsicle stick. Then, glue on a back so that the popsicle stick is sandwiched between a sign and a blank back.
3. Allow to dry. (You may want to put the signs under heavy books to keep them flat.

Get your Toddler Moving…
Different toddlers will want to play with the signs in different ways. Some like to lead. Some like to follow. Whether you or your toddler chooses the signs and directs the activity, the keys are:

  • Read the sign out-loud and repeat it as you do what the sign says to do. (This will help your toddler associate the words with the actions.)
  • Hold the sign up as you do what it says so your toddler repeatedly sees the word(s).
  • Switch signs frequently to keep your toddler moving and excited.
  • After you have gone through the signs a couple of times, encourage your toddler to guess what the sign says.