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The Five Best Almost Free Toddler Toys

If you have ever bought a toddler an expensive gift only to find that they are far more interested in the box, then you know it does not cost a lot to keep a young child entertained.

Below are five of the best cheap toddler toys that will keep your little one entertained for hours.

Plastic Easter Eggs
Hit the after-Easter sales for packages of plastic eggs in different sizes. Nest them inside each other and put a treat, magnetic alphabet letter, or other small (and safe) toy in the smallest egg. You would be amazed at how long your toddler will stay entertained.

Alphabet Magnets
There is a reason that alphabet magnets are a staple in most toddler homes. Versatile and educational, they are one of the ultimate toddler toys. Bring a few to the grocery store and have your toddler search for those letters in signs. Put them in a cup and your child can practice pouring with very little mess. Spell out words on the refrigerator and have your toddler find the item in the room. For more ideas, check out my post, Alphabet Magnet Learning Activities for Toddlers.

Wash them out, dry them off, and remove any dangerous pieces and recycleables are fantastic (and free) play things for toddlers. Set up a two-liter bottle bowling ally. Roll cars and small balls through paper towel tubes. Store treasures in egg cartons.

Party Favors
Party stores are a great place to find inexpensive toddler toys. For just a few dollars, you and your toddler can stock up on cheap entertainment. Little note-books and crayons, whistles, clappers, etc. can keep your toddler happy for hours. Just make sure they are age-appropriate.

Old Purses
Stock an old purse with toddler-safe treasures to entertain your toddler when you are out and about. The more pockets, zippers, and snaps, the better. Fill a coin purse with pennies, put little toys in the pockets, and stuff an old wallet with scraps of colored paper.

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