Magazine Scavenger Hunt

Grab those magazines from the recycling bin and get ready to go on an alphabet hunt.

What you Need for this Toddler Activity…
* Old Magazines
* Index Cards

How you Do It…
Write each letter of the alphabet on an index card. (You can also use a cup of alphabet magnets, etc.) Have the child select a letter. Then let them find the letter or things that start with that letter in the magazine.

Taking it a Step Further…
Narrow the activity down to one letter and help them make a collage of their scavenger hunt finds.

* If you are focusing on upper-case letters, try fashion magazines. Often, they have a lot of big, bold, headlines that are all upper-case.

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  1. My daughter isn’t learning the alphabet yet, but we do the same thing with pictures. “Find a pig!” I have to take a peak at the magazine first to see what’s in it.

    She loves it!

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